Manual and usage


Installation screenshot Installation is easy. Download and unzip package somewhere in your web directory. Then access install.php in your browser. You should see all green OKs. If not, there will be error message displayed and also information, how to fix problem.

Requirements are 3 - PHP5, writeable /projects directory and ThimbleText installed in /3rdparty directory. ThimbleDoc already comes with ThimbleText installed, so that should be ok.

Main menu

Main menu Main menu lets you either open existing project or create a new one. When creating new project, you have to supply its name, source and destination directory. Source directory is path (relative to ThimbleDoc installation or absolute) to your project's root directory. Destination directory is path where documentation for your project will be created and it has to be writeable by webserver!

Project page

Project page After you create or open project, you will see this page. Here you can define some parameters for documentation project:
Version - either leave empty, or fill in current version of your project. This text then will be used as the name of a directory created in Destination directory. This way, you can have multiple documentations in one Destination directory.
Output format - choose type of output and template for this output. These can be easily customized - templates are located in /exporters/templates directory and defined in /exporters/templates/templates.conf file.
Language - choose language for your documentation. If you want to create your own language, look at /translations directory and language definitions in /translations/translators_conf.php file.
Include sources - if your PHP files sources should be included in documentation. Choose wisely, anybody who will see you documentation will have access to your PHP sources and possible some passwords, etc...
Project source paths - here are defined directories for your project. Commonly, you will have just one directory. But if your project is spread across more dirs, add them here.
Project source file extensions - by default, ThimbleDoc looks for files with .php extension. If you want to include files with other extensions, add them here.

Generated documentation

Generated documentation If you use documentation type "xhtml_documentation_dir", then you will see directories in your project displayed as tree with files. By clicking on them, their documentation will be displayed.