Frodik - iGoogle RSS reader replacement

OK, I was long-time user and fan of iGoogle. It was great tool for customizing web-browser homescreen. I used it actually for just a few purposes.

  • Gmail notifier / reader (well, space for gmail widget was very limited, so I used it mainly as notifier and doing all email stuff in Gmail itself
  • RSS reader - I had some RSS sources as separate boxes (mainly news which update very often) and some RSS sources in one big compiled Google reader box (mainly blog posts which are updated less often)
  • quick google search
  • some custom made widgets for my websites and server statisstics

Well all this is now gone, thanks to google. Leaving me with existing alternatives. I have tried them all, but they all share the same problems - cluttered, complicated, complex settings, etc.. All I really need badly is alternative to iGoogle and Google reader abilities to search the web using Google and stay up to date with RSS sources. I could think of more needs, but for a start it is enough.

So as usual, when I can't find simple working tool, I have to create it myself. In 2 days, I have created www.frodik.com. Give it a try and perhaps let me know how it works for you. I can see many improvements myself and I will probably add them as time goes by or if there is big demand from other users.