What is it ?

Own PHP documentator project. It is simple, straightforward and easy to customize to fit your needs. It has two main parts. Parser and displayer. Default displayer creates XHTML formatted pages.


Any PHP5 installation should be enough, tested only on Linux, but should work on Windows as well


ThimbleDoc can be downloaded at download section.


Unzip package to your web directory and surf with browser to install.php. It will check if all requirements are met and then you can continue to main application, which is located in /www directory

Usage and Manual

For quick start look at ThimbleDoc manual page. Take a look at documented sample script.


Installation screenshot
Quick installation screenshot
Main menu
Main menu, create new project or load old one
Project page
Project page, you can generate documentation and edit properties of loaded project
Generated documentation
Generated documentation view
Generated documentation
Generated documentation view