For now, only one product is available, but soon there will be more, as I continue to work on this site. I have certain projects of my own, that I would like to share with opensource community. Some of these include PHP SMTP Server, easy-to-use-and-quick-deployed CMS system and many others. The reason for this is because I want other people to look at my code, find some bugs and if somebody will find it useful and will use it, that will be great appreciation of my work.

Projects and products in detail

  • www.frodik.com - iGoogle alternative replacement
  • ThimbleFrameWork - new PHP Framework, easy to use, quick deployment, fast execution, as small as possible, modular
  • ThimbleText - Convert plaintext with ThimbleText code to XHTML
  • ThimbleDoc - PHP code documentator with customizable documentation output
  • ThimbleSmtp - own modern SMTP server written in PHP, very easy to extend and understand - coming soon
  • ThimbleCMS - not-just-another-cms written in PHP, but its stable platform for PHP-coders, not for web-beginners. Its intended to be used by web developers to help them in every-day routines when creating web and web applications - comming soon
  • ... and much more little scripts used every day... - check out again soon