ThimbleFramework is in its early "alpha" stage, functional, but still not ready for public release. A lot of work needs to be done, mainly documentation and some code rewriting. I predict first public release to be made in October 2008.
To be honest, Thimbleframework is not suitable for everybody. I have my own way how to solve problems. And because I haven't found framework that would fulfill my needs, I decided to write one and share it with opensource community.
So why I don't like existing frameworks anyway ?
Too many reasons. First one is general - if I don't understand it during first 10-15 minutes looking at its code and tutorial, its most probably too complicated. Might sound like my laziness, but through time, I've discovered, that this rule is correct. If you need days just to study principles of framework, it means that framework is not designed correctly or is just so complex, not even author(s) understand it.
One thing is sure, Thimbleframework is not intended to be for novices. Advanced knowledge of PHP is needed for using it. Mainly because Thimbleframework should have its main controller customized for your usage, even though basic controller is supplied and fully functional. We are talking about performance here.

Lets take a look at some requirements taken in mind when developing ThimbleFramework:

  • simplicity - It should be as small as possible... smaller framework is more understandable and there is less opportunities for code errors
  • understandable I want average PHP coder to be able to use it in less than 24 hours
  • modularity - Every part of framework can be replaced with a new one meeting the APIs requirements
  • fast execution with no overhead - Loading the parts of the framework on demand only when they are really needed... We don't have to connect to database doing HelloWorld() example, do we ?
  • capability of running big sites - It has to be fast parsing simple single webpage on one server and as well as when using multiple arrays of databases, image and memcache servers, serving million pages a day. And all this with minimal need to modification of the small application to a big one, if any.


Comming soon ... not sooner that October 2008. Files will be available at Download section

Help develop and find bugs

I would be more than happy, if you look at this framework, try it, use it and I would love to hear from you any of your suggestions, opinions and tips. I will surely read them, discuss them and consider including them in ThimbleFramework. Any help welcomed!